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Helping you find Sustainable Solutions


Freelance Environmental Scientist based in SW Ontario Canada.

As a freelancer, I can provide onsite Environmental monitoring for large infrastructure, energy, and other development projects.

Specialising in rural and countryside environments, my other services include Tree inventories, Ecological Land Classification, rural groundwater studies and Equine farm management.

My mission is to provide clear, high quality and affordable environmental, geotechnical and ecological consulting services to public and private sector clients throughout South-western Ontario and beyond!









On Offer

Service capabilities include habitat surveys,  rural groundwater studies, and Ecological Monitoring for Renewable Energy Projects.

Occasionally on offer:

  • Organically grown produce from Potter's Burrow Farm

  • Hand-made Saddle soap from recycled Vegetable Oil

  • Workshops and Lectures on Environment and Sustainability.

Services Include:

  • Ecological Monitoring / Renewable Energy Projects

  • Environmental Drilling and Investigations

  • Wildlife Studies

  • Water sampling & Rural Groundwater studies

  • Residential Asbestos Surveys & Testing

  • Resource Management

By Contract arrangement with LDS Consultants of London ON Canada:


  • Phase 1 and 2 ESAs

  • Site Remediation

  • Designated Substance Surveys

  • Environmental and Geotechnical Subsurface Investigations

  • Environmental Assessments

By Contract arrangement with NRSI of Waterloo ON Canada:

  • Ecology Clerk of Works/Site monitoring

  • Ecological Surveys for Species at Risk

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